Michelle Williams Gets Oscar Nomination Score; ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Costars Celebrate Joshua Jackson and Busy Philipps


Michelle Williams He earned his fifth Oscar nomination for his work on it. Fabelmans. After the announcement, Williams’ ex Dawson’s Creek costars Busy Philipps and Joshua Jackson He shared congratulatory messages on social media.

Philipps shared a photo of Williams. instagram From his time on The WB drama, “BRB- I’m just going to go back in time and tell this kid there will be 5 OSCAR NOMINATIONS in the next 20 years. And a BEAUTIFUL family. And be surrounded by love. (And AWESOME CLOTHES) But tbh- that’s probably what I said to her back then.

“I love you MW. Although the overwhelming utter grief of being human sometimes makes you wonder if you can do it, I am forever proud of you for building the life and career you dreamed of,” Philipps added. “But then you’d dig deep and try again. That’s one of my favorite things about you. You’ve NEVER stopped trying. A new way, a new recipe, a new parenting style, a new writer, a new approach to work, a new love, a new role. … but always the same loving, bright, kind, sensitive, funny, wild, thoughtful, beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL you.”

Jackson, who plays Pacey Witter in the young adult series, re-shared Philipps’ post on Instagram Stories and added a message to it.

“5 Academy Award nominations!!! Holy Moses,” he wrote, before joking about Williams’ photo, “I don’t know, but I imagine this was taken in a dingy puddle when we were all kids. What an amazing journey you are on. Congratulations!”

Williams plays Mitzi Fabelman in Steven Spielberg’s film inspired by his own life. Mitzi is loosely based on Spielberg’s mother, and she recently said she was. inspired him to include Fabelmans After watching him on the FX series Fosse/Verdon.

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