Kim Zolciak Allegedly Punched Kroy Biermann One Day Before Divorce, Sources Say ‘They Hate Each Other’

no surprise by Kroy Biermann To leave Kim Zolciak so disgusting, considering that the final blow to the marriage was Kim’s alleged punch to the head. Source: Paras Griffin / Getty despite both Do not be late Stars still sharing the same house have never been so far away. In the divorce files, the official … Read more

World Environment Day 2023: Initiatives To Save Earth By Brands

There has never been a more crucial time for society to collectively become more aware of how we as individuals, corporations, and businesses are harming the world, as climate change is a problem that isn’t going away. It’s high time to do something at an individual level. Because of the ongoing depletion of natural resources, … Read more

Posts From Picket Lines, Day 32: A Congressman Joins The Fight After Sony Chose Chris Keyser, Disney And David Milch Hits Fox – Plus Bagels From Snoop & Dre

WGA negotiation committee co-chair Chris Keyser Called members to explain and backers earlier today. “When you walk in circles in front of every studio in town,” he tells his guild members in the clip (watch below), “you’re carrying a bigger cause than us and this job. And that would be enough. We march for labor, … Read more

Michelle Visage on Being an Ally Every Day: “My Child Is Still Weird When June Is Over”

Years ago, it all started with a false identity and the New York City club scene. Now, Michelle Face It is an outspoken and highly visible ally of the queer community. You may recognize the Emmy winner as a judge on shows such as: “RuPaul’s Drag Race” recently completed (and hosted) its 15th season “Whatcha … Read more

Can you lose weight by eating junk food three times a day?

A 57-year-old Kevin Maginnis can be seen before (left) and after (right) weight loss after consuming food from a renowned food franchise for a straight hundred days. — Screengrab/YouTube/TODAY Health experts have always warned about the harms of junk food but a Nashville resident claims he actually lost a tangible amount of weight by bingeing … Read more

Monaco and Nantes in danger on final day | The Express Tribune

PARIS: Paris Saint-Germain have wrapped up a record 11th French title but Monaco risk missing out on European qualification on the final night of the Ligue 1 season on Saturday, while eight-time champions Nantes are facing relegation. PSG will pick up the championship trophy after their home game against Clermont as the Qatar-owned club end … Read more

World Environment Day 2023: 5 Tips To Minimize Waste And Foster Eco-Consciousness At Work

Being eco-conscious helps protect the planet, and also contributes to cost savings, enhances efficiency, and fosters a positive brand image World Environment Day: By adopting waste reduction practices, companies can play an active role in building a sustainable future In today’s world, where environmental consciousness is paramount, reducing waste at work has become a crucial … Read more

World Environment Day: Top 5 Eco-Friendly Self-Care Products to Try Under Rs 1200

World Environment Day: With the rising concerns, people and brands are becoming more conscious about their choices and offerings Skincare products under Rs 1200: This Environment Day, you can do your bit by adopting organic products that are good for the environment and works wonders for your skin Being one of the fastest-going sectors, the … Read more