Manifest Series Finale Recap: Did the Passengers Survive the Death Date?

The following contains major spoilers from Manifest Season 4, Part 2, including the series finale. Proceed accordingly. Cal sacrificed himself in Manifest‘s penultimate episode by combining his sapphire (in the dragon tattoo) with the sapphire in the piece of Noah’s Ark currently inside the volcanic fissure. His death sent a massive blue beam into the … Read more

What Happened to Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes? Revisiting His Death 21 Years Later Alongside New Documentary

Image Source: Getty / Jeffrey Mayer TLC one of the biggest girl groups In history. The Atlanta-based trio, consisting of Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, became stars in the 1990s after releasing their platinum debut single “Ain’t 2 Proud.” 2 Beg” received a Grammy nomination for best R&B song … Read more

DC Young Fly and Ms. Jacky Oh’s Family Release Statements Regarding Tragic and Unexpected Death

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty family Miss Jacky Oh they stun and talk after his death. As previously reported, the old Wild ‘N Out star and mother of DC Young Fly Three children died in Miami on Wednesday. DC Young Fly has yet to make a public statement regarding his death, but has sent a … Read more

Facing Death and Other Fears, and Coming Away Stronger

A few days after their wedding on June 3, 2017, Lorenzo Vinti and Gregory DelliCarpini Jr. honeymooned in Thailand and Vietnam. Shortly after returning to Forest Hills, Queens, they decided to begin a new chapter in their careers and marriage. Mr. DelliCarpini, now 34, quit his job as a fashion editor at Billboard magazine and … Read more

Father Sentenced to Jail for Shaking His Baby Ten Years Ago Now Charged With His Second Son’s Death

Authorities said Sterling watched the baby while the baby’s mother bought food outside. When the baby’s mother returned from the market, she found that the bottle she had made for the baby was not given to her. Sterling said she had heard nothing from her sons, so she didn’t give him the bottle. She went … Read more

Chlamydia, Sleep Apnea, Constipation, Hypertension, Low Back Pain and Prediabetes: New Documentation Reveals Jeffrey Epstein’s Medical File Before His Suicidal Death

Although Epstein survived the first try, in the end found dead A few weeks later – on August 10 – he is in a prison cell with a sheet wrapped around his neck. Authorities investigating Epstein’s suicide death found that “the possibility of losing his social status from court”, “lack of interpersonal connection” and “the … Read more

Moneybagg Yo Gets Vulnerable About Parenting Amid The Death Of Her Children’s Mother And Her Recovering Relationship With Ari

money bag Yo After back-to-back deaths in his life, he deals with the “strong man”, his healing father, his devoted boyfriend during and after. cheating Ari Fletcher. RELATING TO: Moneybagg Yo Reassures Ari Fletcher She Won’t Cheat While Pregnant Memphis rapper spoke recently with Angie Martinez About parenting following the murder of her first co-parent … Read more

The Late Aaron Carter Accused of Owing $17,000 in Past Taxes at the Time of Death

The original balance was $12,167, but the debt has grown with interest over the years. In addition, a separate biohazard company Sterile Professionals He said he owed them $33,000 for the cleaning done at his home after Carter’s death. Steile Pros, LLC claimed to provide “labor, services, equipment and/or materials on every property or interest … Read more

Tupac Shakur To Get A Posthumous Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Nearly 27 Years After His Death

Tupac Shakur posthumously honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. According to this GIS NewsThe organization shared the announcement on Wednesday. RELATING TO: Congratulations! Ludacris Starred on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with All her Daughters Hollywood Walk of Fame Producer Ana Martinez Shared the Announcement Wednesday The organization’s producer, Ana Martinez, … Read more

‘Doctor Death’, ‘Queer As Folk’, and ‘Becoming Elizabeth’ Launch on Rebranded Channel 4 Streaming Service

channel 4 took a wealth of US content for the rebranded streaming service: doctor Death, Queer as the People And to be Elizabeth. The shows will be available in the coming months on the streaming service, which was previously called All4 but is now simply called Channel 4. NBC tops the buy list Doctor Death … Read more