King Charles ‘Takes a Breathe’ After Harry and Meghan’s Decision to Stop Royal Bashing Netflix Shows

“And I have to imagine that various people from various palaces, starting with the King, are sitting in their armchairs today, breathing a sigh of relief,” Rae explained. “I hope it stays that way for them.” Meghan and Harry can still have One What specifically learned is to roll up their sleeves for interviews … Read more

Tricia Fukuhara was at Harry Potter World when she starred in “Rise of the Pink Ladies”

In our Q&A series Last call, we get to the bottom of it all with some of our favorite celebs – from the last time the stars were struck to the last song they listened to. This week, Tricia Fukuhara, star of “Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies,” is receiving our phone. One thing about … Read more

Lady Colin Campbell Says Prince Harry Is Seeking Divorce Lawyers

“There have been so-called marital problems for a while,” said Lady C, referring to at least five people she considers credible insiders. Princess Diana‘s old servant, Paul BurrellHe also told GB News that he speculated that the turmoil may have reached King Charles’ youngest son as well. “In England, ‘Has Harry finally woken up to … Read more

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Struggle With Extreme ‘Conflict and Criticism’, Marriage Under Tension After Leaving Royal Life Behind

It aroused interest, especially when accusations came that the couple had split up shortly after. exaggerated the violence From the incident that unfolded in New York and once again played the sympathy violin. “Harry he filmed everything he could on his iPhone and he’s almost certain to take legal action,” privately learned. A source … Read more

Riding Alone: ​​Meghan Markle ‘Sees Tendency to Leave Harry at Home’, Duchess Asks Party-loving Friends to ‘Hang out’

“All they want to do is hang out with celebrities” publisher and New York-born comedian Tim Dillon On her May 21 episode, it was alleged that an attendee was at a recent Los Angeles-based party where she was in contact with Markle. “HE [Meghan] Dillon was texting the person I was with there, accusing Markle … Read more

Prince Harry and Meghan’s Netflix contract comes to an end?

Netflix has no plans to renew any contract with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after the Invictus Games production, the couple’s critics said on Thursday. Speculations started doing the rounds hours after it was reported that King Charles is “breathing a sigh of relief” after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry signalled a major change in … Read more

Prince Harry hosts pal James Corden at Montecito estate

James Corden paid a visit to Prince Harry’s estate in Montecito upon returning to the US from the UK James Corden, the 44-year-old TV personality, returned to the United States and paid a visit to Prince Harry and Meghan’s extravagant Montecito estate.  This trip came after Corden bid farewell to the Late Late Show and … Read more

Harry Styles breaks record for largest live audience in Scotland

Harry Styles shattered the previous record of 14,951 tickets sold by artist Lewis Capaldi Harry Styles has created history by drawing the biggest live audience ever recorded in Scotland to his Edinburgh show on Saturday night. Performing at the Murrayfield Stadium on May 27th, the ex-One Direction member attracted a massive crowd of over 65,000 … Read more

King Charles got Harry Styles rejection due to ‘woke fans?’

King Charles faced rejection from various singers to perform at the Coronation concert. Due to differing opinions on the monarchy and emergence of ‘woke’ fans, the King was turned down by artists including Harry Styles. Ryan-Mark in a joint interview with Ben Ofoedu tells “A lot of celebrities – I think Harry Styles was … Read more

Actor Who Played Prince Harry In The Crown Signs With Hamilton Hodell

SPECIAL: playing Luther Ford Prince Harry in the upcoming final season Crown, He signed with talent agency Hamilton Hodell. Ford’s appearance Crown will debut, he has signed in all areas except the press where he is represented by Pinnacle PR. Ford is one of the two Prince Harrys he has starred in. Crown Season 6. … Read more