Review: Julia Wolfe’s ‘unEarth’ Is Crowded Out by Multimedia

Since moving back into David Geffen Hall this season, the New York Philharmonic has tried to use its newly renovated, technologically adept space to give extra multimedia glamour to a few premieres. Etienne Charles’s “San Juan Hill” opened the season in October, and dealt directly with the midcentury displacement of economically vulnerable populations on the … Read more

Review | A boy remembers his fierce father in a rich family novel

(Illustration by Marc Aspinall for The Washington Post) ‘The House on Via Gemito’ is a vivid drama by Domenico Starnone, who many Italians believe is the writer behind the pseudonym Elena Ferrante June 2, 2023 at 9:45 a.m. EDT Comment on this storyComment The father “always said that he was the best at everything.” As … Read more

Review | ‘Kairos’ is a love story between two generations — and two Germanys

Comment on this storyComment Across five novels, a book of stories and another of essays, the great German writer Jenny Erpenbeck has explored life in police states, the experiences of refugees in contemporary Berlin and the way many lives can rest in layers upon one plot of land. All of her books struggle with the … Read more

Review | In the galleries: Striking Chinese art by a father-daughter collaboration

Comment on this storyComment When viewing the VisArts exhibit “Traditional and Contemporary,” identifying which is which is easy enough. The landscapes of Bertrand Mao follow the 1,500-year-old Chinese genre known as shanshui (“mountain-water”). The mixed-media pieces of Lin-Lin Mao, the painter’s daughter, are more modern and individualistic. Yet the father deviates slightly from the ancient … Read more

Review | In 1898, the U.S. was entranced by empire. The legacy lingers.

Comment on this storyComment John Singer Sargent’s 1903 portrait of Teddy Roosevelt dominates a large gallery in the National Portrait Gallery’s exhibition, “1898: U.S. Imperial Visions and Revisions.” It shows Roosevelt with his right hand extended, tightly gripping the spherical cap of a newel on a White House staircase. Sargent, who was trying to find … Read more

Review | A furious, joyful memoir of working-class New Jersey and the writing life

Comment on this storyComment A memoir that celebrates as much as it grieves, rages and broods, Jane Wong’s “Meet Me Tonight in Atlantic City” charts its author’s progress from the casinos of New Jersey to the college dorms of Upstate New York, to Hong Kong and Iowa and finally Bellingham, Wash., where she now teaches … Read more

Live-action version of Disney’s The Little Mermaid allegedly targeted by ‘review bombers’

live action version The Little Mermaid The film aroused strong reactions even before production began.and this has continued since the movie hit theaters last week. despite the box office sales more than US$200 million (about US$304 million) worldwide To date, the film has allegedly been targeted by “review bombardment” in which people are motivated to … Read more

Review: In ‘Grey House,’ Broadway Gets an Expert Haunting

Four strange girls, somewhere between 12 and 200 years old, live in an isolated cabin in the woods. Don’t they always? Marlow (Sophia Anne Caruso) is the alpha, bossing the others around — and also bossing the stranded outsiders, because of course there are stranded outsiders in a play that trades on the tropes of … Read more

Review | This play aims to scare you out of your wits. But your wits remain intact.

Comment on this storyComment NEW YORK — If you sat Stephen King and Margaret Atwood at a laptop together, they might compose a play that looks something like “Grey House.” On a mystery story’s proverbial dark and stormy night, a couple whose car becomes stranded in a snowbank find shelter in an isolated cabin decorated … Read more