Andrew Tate Criticizes BBC for ‘Hit Job’ Interview; Prosecutors Attack ‘Influencer VIP Treatment’

Andrew Tate searched for an interview with BBC She did a “hit job” this week and took to social media to complain about her treatment. The controversial influencer developed into an increasingly thorny encounter with BBC reporter Lucy Williamson as Tate denied the allegations of misogyny and a culture of emotional abuse before the journalist … Read more

To Get ‘Once Upon a Mattress’, ‘Jelly’s Last Jam’ and ‘Titanic’ Encores! Treatment; Ephraim Sykes and Jennifer Holliday Prepare for ‘Pal Joey’ City Center Gala

After a season of Broadway transfers into the forest And Parade Having garnered a string of Tony Award nominations, Downtown New York has revealed what’s next for its celebrities. Bisler! sherry: Once upon a bed, Jelly’s Last Jam And Titanic. 30th annual Encores! The concert staging season will kick off in January with Sutton Foster … Read more

“Vanderpump Rules” Star Raquel Leviss Still in Treatment, 1 Month After Entering Facility, Contacts Tom Sandoval

Special Source: bravo Released May 30, 2023 at 1:46 pm ET Rachel Levis staying at the mental health treatment facility he checked out last month – and sources say Vanderpump Rules star and Tom Sandoval they are still in contact, learned. Over the weekend, Tom was seen talking on the phone on a plane. … Read more

Anupam Kher Sustains Hairline Fracture; Know Everything About Treatment, Causes And Recovery

Hairline fractures should be taken care of at the earliest, in order to avoid further issues. (Image: Instagram) Hairline fractures may not be as severe as complete bone breaks, but they still require proper attention and care Veteran actor Anupam Kher recently sustained a hairline fracture while shooting for his upcoming film Vijay 69. He … Read more

Rohail Hyatt campaigns for Asad Abbas’s treatment | The Express Tribune

KARACHI: Renowned composer and music producer Rohail Hyatt has made a plea on behalf of singer Asad Abbas, who is in dire need of financial assistance due to his ill-health. The performer, who was part of Coke Studio Season 6 (CS6), is undergoing dialysis “three to four times a week and 13 to 14 times … Read more

9 Things To Consider Before Opting To Undergo IVF Treatment

IVF Treatment: The gift of motherhood is beautiful but some considerations are to kept in mind when opting to go for an IVF procedure. IVF Treatment involves understanding the costs involved and evaluating the emotional and physical impact of the treatment Before embarking on the journey of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment, there are important … Read more

Jamie Foxx Reportedly Receiving Treatment at a Physical Rehabilitation Center in Chicago

According to this TMZJamie Foxx moved from Atlanta to Chicago to receive ongoing medical treatment at “a facility touted as the nation’s top physical medicine and rehabilitation center.” The source reported that Foxx arrived at the facility in late April after receiving treatment at an Atlanta hospital and has been “recovering” since his arrival. But … Read more

Folate Deficiency: Know Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

The treatment for folate deficiency entails boosting the consumption of folate-rich foods. Inadequate consumption of folate can result in a deficiency within a short period of a few weeks. A lack of folate can occur due to a diet devoid of fresh fruits and vegetables. Additionally, certain health conditions such as celiac disease and specific … Read more

‘Queen Charlotte’ Star Golda Rosheuvel Talks About Bridgerton’s ‘Revolutionary’ Treatment for Black Hair

If you are like us, devouring parts related to Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story ‘Since the tons of prequels became available on Netflix last week. Source: Courtesy / Netflix The limited series chronicles how Queen Charlotte’s marriage to King George sparked both a great love story and social change, creating the world that the characters … Read more